Welcome to Islam and the West!

This web site is a reincarnation of Islam Today, which was hacked a while ago. It picks up on the mission of the old site: examining Islam’s encounter with the West and its impact on Muslim societies, cultures and institutions.

What is Islam about? What is the West about? Is there a “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West? If so, why? Are Muslim “terrorism” and “extremism” a reaction to Western ideals and institutions? Or are Muslim activists and militants fighting to preserve some fulfilling values? Is Islamic civilization in decline or in the process of renewal? We invite you to explore these and related questions with us.

The site has five main features besides About. The centerpiece of the site is the blog on the Home Page. Every few days we post a new news story or commentary about some current issue or event that sheds light on Islamic-Western relations, or Islamic and/or Western institutions and values. We offer our take on these issues, and we invite you to share yours. A Comment box is provided below the blog for your contribution to the dialogue. The conversation should be free, uninhibited and vigorous. It should be civil and courteous, however. Offensive remarks and those far off the topics under review could be dropped.

The Host tab has a brief profile of the site’s host, Mustafa Malik. A list of his works is archived in Archive. His writings are in the process of being compiled. Should you be interested in previous posts on this blog, you would find them in RSS.

Islam and the West is a project in progress. We welcome your critique and suggestions for its further improvement. Please send us your input to the the Host’s e-mail address provided in Contact.

Thank you for visiting with us and sharing your thoughts.


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